Toroidal transformers

Thanks to a wide range of winders dedicated to toroidal transformers, we are able to wind transformers on a round core with the maximum power of 400 VA.

Compared to traditional shaped transformers, toroids are characterised by:

  • smaller dimensions, even by about 50%,
  • efficiency reaching 95%,
  • lower magnetic field emission - even by 90%
  • lower noise level when working under load.

In addition to the transformers wound on cores from a standard transformer tape, we also produce transformers on permalloy cores (an alloy of iron and nickel). The advantage of these cores is a practically rectangular magnetic hysteresis loop with a squareness coefficient of min. 98% and the ability to work at very high frequencies, reaching millions of Hz (MHz). Thanks to specialised research devices, we are able to check the rectangularity of the magnetic hysteresis loop of the core before winding.

All our toroidal transformers can be vacuum impregnated. It is possible to pour them completely with resin in the housing. They are hermetic and intrinsically safe.

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