About us

A stable partner that adapts to the Customers’ needs

Instal was established in 1991 in Świętochłowice as a family business, in response to the growing market demand for electrical installation materials. Today, we are a European manufacturer and one of the largest employers in the city. 

The potential of Upper Silesia

The location of the company in Świętochłowice - in the most industrialized part of the Upper Silesian Industrial District, allowed us to recruit highly qualified employees. The experienced, well-prepared technical staff is the key value of our company. We currently employ over 150 employees who can implement various production cycles. Our company is located in the buildings of the former Matylda Coal Mine, which currently fulfil a production, warehouse and office function.

Fields of our activity

The activity of the Instal company is based on:

  • production of own products,
  • production of products based
    on the Customer's documentation,
  • provision of services,
  • trade (distribution),
  • outsourcing of logistics

We specialize in resistance welding and braze welding as well as in the production and distribution of transformers, flexible power rails, cable harnesses, railway traffic control systems and other solutions for standard and unusual needs. Our products are used in the electrical installation, automotive, railway, mining and metallurgical industries. We are an important supplier of parts on the European automotive market. 

Flexible production

We enable the production of high, medium and unit batches - depending on the needs. Our offer includes products from the electro-technical, pneumatic, automotive, railway and other segments. Thanks to the large variety of production processes in many industries, the Customer always receives optimal solutions for the development of new products.