Current transformers, coils and chokes

We produce current transformers, coils, air coils (without carcasses) and chokes. 

The windings can be wound on carcasses:

  • of own production,
  • provided by the Customer,
  • available on the market.

After winding the coils, they can be impregnated. It is possible to pour them completely with resin in the housing (hermetic and intrinsically safe models).

In the case of resin pouring in the housing, the ends of the windings can be led out with a cord, with a terminal block or with the use of pins that enable direct assembly to printed boards. 

Thanks to the process of supervision over production, improved over the years, we ensure the high repeatability of product output parameters (resistance, reactance, inductance). The extensive machine park enables the production of a very wide range of induction components. We create products based on the Customer's documentation or we construct them ourselves in accordance with Customers’ requirements. Our engineers provide help and advice.

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