Resins pouring

We have a long-term experience in pouring resins into transformers, current transformers and railway traffic control devices.

We use epoxy, polyester or polyurethane resins for pouring, depending on the Customer’s specific requirements or the environmental conditions in which the components poured with the resin must work.

Equipment poured with resin:

  • is intrinsically safe, so in the event of a failure (e.g. due to overload), it will not cause a fire, as the resin cuts off effectively the source of fire from oxygen ;
  • is completely protected against moisture (hermetic) and resistant to weather conditions, so it can work outside without the need to install additional covers or housings;
  • works quieter - resin pouring improves the structural integrity of the windings and reduces significantly the noise generated during operation. 

The components can be poured in enclosures manufactured using the Instal machinery (milling, turning, 3D printing) without being limited to standard enclosures available on the market.

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