On the market since 1991

Instal was established in 1991 in Świętochłowice, in the post-industrial district of Lipiny. 

As part of the restructuring of the post-industrial areas in Silesia, we chose the buildings of the closed Matylda Coal Mine for our headquarters. The mine operated from 1853 to November 16, 1974. In 1823, Józef Porębski, the owner of the Świętochłowice estate, bought the mining field and named it Matylda in honour of his wife. In 1827 the Matylda East mine was established. In the years 1860-1864, the Matylda West mine was launched. In 1875, it was decided to consolidate the following mining fields: Franz, Merkur, Quintoforo, Paris, Konig Saul, Mathilde and Mathilde Erweiterun. and establish the Vereinigte Mathilde, which later was called the Matylda mine. In 1913, over 830,000 tons of coal were extracted from the mine. In 1932, as a result of the downturn in the coal industry, mining operations in Matilda East were stopped and the plant and a winding-up procedure commenced. Production decreased, so on January 1, 1967, the mine was merged with the Śląsk mine under the name Śląsk - Matylda. The last ton of coal left the mine, which operated for 160 years, on February 12, 1977.