Cooperation with the scientific community

During the implementation of modern production technologies, our employees often cooperate with research units. 

Proper knowledge management means that our company employs people with specialist knowledge from the various areas of the organisation's functioning. Sharing knowledge and experience with national scientific institutions often became the starting point for later publications and scientific works. Here are some of them:

  1. Mazurkiewicz J., Mroczka T., Starzykowski S., "Product quality analysis as a basis for changes in technology", Quality problems 01/2003.
  2. Mazurkiewicz J., Szewczyk P., Mroczka T., Magner A., "Failure frequency in a continuous production line", Scientific Papers of the Silesian University of Technology, series: Organisation and Management 2004, Paper No19, 5-13.
  3. Kłak Katarzyna, "Documentation and records of an individual business activity in the tax revenue and expense ledger and transition to full accounting on the example of a company" - Master's thesis written under the scientific guidance of Juliusz Szaflik PhD, Katowice 2006.
  4. Borczon Oliwia, "Strategic analysis of a company on the example of a selected company", Chapter IV - "Strategic analysis on the example of Instal Sp. z o. o. – a trading and production company " - Master's thesis written at the Department of Management and Marketing under the scientific guidance of Krystyna Serafin PhD, Katowice 2012.
  5. Pol Mateusz, "Development of an IT system to support durability tests for resistance welded elements" – a diploma thesis carried out under the supervision of Mariusz Boryczka PhD. Eng., Katowice 2016.
  6. Leśnik Sebastian, "Analysis of planning the supply of components for production in the automotive industry" – an engineering thesis written under the supervision of Włodzimierz Kramarz PhD. Eng., Chorzów 2018.
  7. Sebastian Leśnik, "Project management on the example of Instal sp. z o.o." – a Master's thesis written under the supervision of Jarosław Kobryń PhD Eng., Chorzów 2019.