Control cabinets and switchboards

We offer the comprehensive solutions for equipping control cabinets. We have an extensive tooling control system, which guarantees the repeatable quality of crimping cable ends. Thus, we ensure the long-term durability of joints in cable cabinets.

Control cabinets (automation cabinets) are an integral element of energy and automation systems. They enable the management of extensive installations, any devices and their components. We provide the comprehensive implementation of the project: from the mechanical preparation of the cabinet (including installation of rails and brackets), through the installation of electrical equipment, to the implementation of cabling according to the Customer's scheme. We can work on the Customer's equipment or equip cabinets based on the equipment of our trading partners, which we buy on preferential terms.

We manufacture switchgears strictly according to the needs of Customers from various industries. We provide low and medium voltage systems and automation systems. Thanks to our long-term experience, we can advise professionally and select optimal solutions, and then implement the investment comprehensively. We have an assembly hall where we design and assemble cabinets. Before reaching the Customer, each cabinet is subject to thorough, multi-point control. 

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