Flexible power rails made of copper strips

We offer flexible power rails, consisting of the multiple strips of thin electrolytic tinned or pure copper. They are an alternative to traditional monolithic rails.

The whole thing is covered with a non-flammable insulation made of PVC or silicone with high resistance. Thanks to the technology used, the rails are extremely flexible - they can be formed easily, adapting them to individual needs and they provide high quality insulation. They are currently the best available alternative to traditional monolithic rails and connecting cables. 

It is possible to deliver the ready-made sets of rails for specific applications, which allows us to obtain the right number of rails with the pre-selected parameters, cut to size, with prepared mounting holes. 

All the materials can have UL and CE certificates.

Types of the rails used:

  • standard rail lengths: 2 or 3 meters,
  • number of copper strips in a flexible rail: from 1 to 11 pieces,
  • width of a single copper strip: from 9mm to 40mm,
  • single copper strip thickness: from 0.5mm to 1mm,
  • versions: pure copper or tin-plated copper.

Types of mounting holes

Type Dimension
Round φ 9
Round φ 10
Round φ 11
Round φ 12
Round φ 13
Oval 7 x 14
Oval 9 x 14
Oval 11 x 16
Oval 14 x 20

Other types available on request.

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