Railway automation control elements

AC consoles, consisting of AW cube elements, are one of the most common rail traffic control systems. 

Thanks to their versatility and diversity, they enable the creation of various representations of the real layout of tracks and signals.

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Watch out for counterfeit AW elements

AW20 desktop elements

The AW20 subassemblies are the external elements of the desktop on which the layout of the tracks, signals and traction is placed. Thanks to the presence of transparent lenses in the symbols of tracks and signalling devices, under which different-coloured prisms can be placed, the desktop provides an optical visualization of the current track layout within the operated circle and the signalling devices located on it.

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Front elements AW20

AW15 and AW16 switching elements

These components are the setting elements. They consist of a two-position or three-position button, stable or unstable. The buttons can be pressed or pulled out. Moving the button causes the contact springs to connect, thereby issuing the setting command. Buttons may be sealed or unsealed.

Version Number of contacts
AW15 / II 2 (1 pair of contacts)
AW15 / IV 4 (2 pairs of contacts)
AW15 / VI 6 (3 pairs of contacts)
Colour of buttons black

Possible combinations: the number of contacts, their arrangement and button colours can be found in the appendix (list of AW components).
The Customer is obliged to indicate a specific version in the order (in accordance with the list of AW15 elements - download below).



Accessories for AW15 elements (sold separately):  

  • holder spring 4-60009 (shorter solder lead),
  • holder spring 4-60012 (longer solder lead),
  • sealing pin 5-21318,
  • lightbulb,
  • cap 5-70515 (overlay protecting the AW 15/16 button against accidental operation),
  • insulating plate 4-70833 (included with AW 15/16 button but also available separately).

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List of components AW15

AW10 lighting elements

The AW10 element is a luminaire that allows the installation of up to 9 signalling bulbs under the blocks of the desktop. The system is equipped with a set of contacts, which allows you to replace the bulbs in the sockets easily.

AW10 elements are made in the following variants:

  • AW10000 - equipped with holder springs (soldering tips),
  • AW10001 - without mounted holder springs (soldering tips).

Accessories for AW10 elements (sold separately):

  • holder spring 4-60009 (shorter solder lead),
  • holder spring 4-60012 (longer solder lead),
  • lightbulb,
  • insulating plate 4-70833 (included with the AW10 light element, but also available separately).

LED bulbs 

Thanks to a special design, the bulbs made in the AC / DC version glow regardless of the socket insertion position. Due to the low power consumption, the life of the socket is significantly increased, which, combined with the very long life of these bulbs, makes such a system reliable.

Available versions:

  • 6V AC / DC
  • 12V AC / DC
  • 24V AC / DC

Description Lightbulb T6.8 LED T6.8
power consumption 100mA 20mA
current input 2,4W 0,48W
light 680lx 1500lx
bulb temp. in OC 85 50
bulb life 1000 hours 50000 hours


AW12 counter elements

The counter element enables the counting of passages and giving special orders. The counter system can be delivered with full accessories, which allows for its sealing after being built into the panel.

Note!  The counter on the front has a transparent panel; therefore, it is not possible to have an engraved inscription on it. The counter has a place for a piece of paper with an inscription to be prepared by the Customer.


Index Name Quantity
PAW12001 Element licznikowy AW12001 1
PAW428200 Wkręt specjalny 4-28200 1
PAW431471 Płytka zabezpieczająca 4-31471/P 1
PAW370260/1 Komora licznika 3-70260/1 1

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