Logistics processes outsourcing

We have been providing outsourcing services for procurement processes for years. We adjust the mode of delivery to the Customer’s individual requirements. 

Our offer includes articles covering the needs of practically the entire electrical engineering and pneumatic industry. We work on the basis of the VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) programme, demand forecasts, open, closed and framework order systems, minimum stocks, etc. We always adapt the cooperation model to the Customer’s needs. On request, we maintain the safety stock of selected products. Thanks to our own fleet of vehicles, we carry out JIT (Just In Time) deliveries. We provide the full complementation of delivery. The electronic, integrated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system enables transactions via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange).

Enterprise Resource Planning

Logistics and Trade Department

We employ specialists with many years of experience in international trade and import, who are able to import components from anywhere in the world, reducing the Customer’s involvement in the complicated customs procedures related to import / export. 

Our advantage

  • Cooperation on the basis of VMI
  • Implementation of STS, JIT delivery
  • Import and export support
  • Integrated ERP system
  • Transactions via EDI
  • Full completion of delivery
  • Quality confirmed by certificates