Shaped transformers

One of our main specialisations is the production of shaped transformers. Thanks to 20 years of experience and partial process automation, we are able to accelerate their production significantly. 

Shaped transformers are used commonly as safety and isolation transformers. These transformers can have many tapping points on both the primary and secondary windings. The winding leads may be located on one or both sides of the coil body. 

The assembly of transformers is carried out with the use of construction elements, manufactured, among others, using the CNC technology or directly to printed circuit boards. The shaped transformers are manufactured on the basis of fittings, e.g. EI, mounted alternately (not welded), which distinguishes them from the competitive products and guarantees significantly higher efficiency.

We offer transformers up to 300 VA and supply voltage up to 230 V. We also offer vacuum impregnated shaped transformers. It is possible to pour them completely with resin in the housing

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