Vacuum impregnation

All transformers manufactured by our company can be vacuum impregnated, which strengthens and protects the material against the harmful effects of external factors. 

Pouring the transformer with insulating varnish in the vacuum reduces the number of air gaps between the windings. The displacement of the air and replacing it with varnish (which has about 40 times better dielectric durability) provides very good insulation both between individual coils of the same winding, as well as inter-winding insulation.

In addition to improving the dielectric properties, the vacuum impregnation:

  • reduces significantly the access of moisture inside the transformer;
  • increases the structural integrity of the windings;
  • prevents the risk of abrasions on the enamel on the winding wire during transformer operation - through filling the windings with varnish, individual coils do not rub against each other during normal operation;
  • allows to reduce the noise level generated by the device.

The process of vacuum impregnation takes place using our own machinery, which allows for its full control.

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